couriers of hope. An envelope art exhibition

My first ever piece of “real” art I bought was a Keith Haring. This makes it sound like I’m some loaded patron of the art but I was (am) not. I was working as an entry level product planner with 2/3 of my salary going towards rent in the City. It was because I saw this nerdy guy in a pair of huge glasses running from the police in a New York subway station after chalk-painting on the wall/floor. His style of work was so vivid and unforgettable that when I saw a poster of a gallery showing his art, I went and bought a piece of lithograph that he signed for me, right there, in person. I probably skipped lunch for awhile, but I joined the ranks of “art collectors” from thereon.

“couriers of hope” — a hybrid art exhibition we put together with Port City Creative Guild is HUGE. Not necessarily in the size of work, but in concept and heart. Ten art institutions in Long Beach and beyond answered our audacious requests for collaboration and more than 90 artists created 160 pieces of art on envelopes which will become part of someone’s collection. This time around, that “someone” will be students from LBUSD, exchanging art with their own painting or writing.

Physical Exhibition at 228 East Broadway, Long Beach (Psychic Temple LBC)

From day one of Port City Creative Guild, we wanted to stay true to our mission of communicating art and culture as essential part of a community. Supporting culture and creators is not an act of charity. And it most definitely is not a role of a limited few. We all can be that courier, bringing hope and elevate each other, perhaps becoming an art collector along the way.

Some of the envelope art from “couriers of hope”

“couriers of hope” can be viewed at 228 East Broadway, Long Beach (following strict Covid requirements), and virtually on the website of Port City Creative Guild. (

Thanks to ALL the partners in crime and our team at Intertrend Communications (so very proud). But ESPECIALLY John Molina and Antonia Molina of JAG Family Foundation and Marcelle Epley of Long Beach Community Foundation for their vision and trust.

President/CEO Intertrend

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